Fair Use & Licensing

Fair Use

Permission is not required for:

  • excerpts from our study programs or books that are less than 300 words.

Permission and proper attribution are required for the following:

  • single book: 300 or more words
  • brief article or blog: 200 or more words
  • quote: if the quote exceeds 50 percent of the work (even if it is less than 200 words)
  • marketing materials (examples include charts, graphs, maps, brochures)
  • completed pieces/sections of work such as a chapter of a book, an essay, or short story.

Instructions for Attribution (As Required per the Above)

We ask that you include as much of the following as is relevant to the attribution:

  • title
  • author
  • source: Ascension
  • copyright date
  • where it is available: AscensionPress.com


If you are interested in licensing one of our products, please email our licensing department at licensing@ascensionpress.com and someone from our team will reach out to you within 72 hours.