Sacramental Preparation


Belonging: Baptism in the Family of God

Featuring Fr. Mike Schmitz, Belonging: Baptism in the Family of God is designed to provide parents with an incredible encounter with Jesus and with the Church. This program seeks to prepare parents to have their children baptized and to win over their hearts at this important time in their lives. Parents will learn what it means to be children of God and that in the Church, they will always have a place where they belong.


Renewed: Your Journey to First Reconciliation

When you’re a child, preparing to go to your first Reconciliation can be intimidating. There is a lot to understand and remember. Beyond that, it can just be scary (and hard). Admitting you’ve made a mistake is something we all struggle with. Renewed: Your Journey to First Reconciliation offers children and their parents an engaging, interactive way to grow in their understanding of God’s love and mercy through fun activities, live-action videos, and an attractive and approachable workbook.


Received: Your Journey to First Communion

The first time we encounter Christ is in his True Presence in the Eucharist is a beautiful and powerful moment in the life of every Catholic. Children preparing to receive their first Holy Communion can sometimes miss just how special this moment is amid all the hustle and bustle of that “First Communion Day.” Received helps children understand and appreciate the incredible gift we’re offered in the Eucharist through engaging high-quality videos, fun and interesting activities, and much more. Children and their parents will come away with a deeper love and gratitude for this transformative sacrament.


Chosen: Your Journey to Confirmation

Chosen: Your Journey to Confirmation has been used by thousands of parishes to present the Catholic Faith to teens in a way that keeps their attention as they prepare to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. Filmed in over fifty locations in the United States and around the world, Chosen features fourteen of the top youth experts in the Church today.


Joy-Filled Marriage

Helping prepare engaged couples to embrace God’s plan for the sacrament of matrimony is an honor and a privilege. In today’s climate, it is also a challenge. Joy-Filled Marriage is a marriage preparation program designed to meet that challenge. This program offers a comprehensive approach to marriage preparation that covers not only the sacramentality and theology of marriage, but the practical life skills necessary to live out the rich Catholic vision of marriage.